As a rock journalist for ‘Metal On Loud Magazine’, Randy watches the world in search of both rhythms and answers. As an author, host of the Twitter poetry prompt tag #vsspoem, and a lyricist for four different bands (Dissector, The Lust, GOOT, and Loudborn), poetry is part of his every day–it even found its way into his (as of yet unpublished) novels.

Where his magazine is where he developed his dialogue skills, the social platform, in a way, has become the drafting pad for his poetic thoughts, where he is ever self-editing.

His first self-publication, a large bundle of his micro poetry, forged into a single, two-act epic poem called “The Rhythm of Life” is now available on Amazon.

Randy’s first published short stories ‘Rain Must Fall’ and ‘Days Gone By’ are now available in respectively the ‘Of Silver Bells and Chilling Tales’ and ‘Of Mistletoe And Snow’ anthologies by Jazz House Publications.

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