On this page, you can find all my online and print publications for short stories, poetry, and other written works.


Published in Once Upon a Winter on November 15th, 2021

My short story Wintercast, the story of a Spark named Harold, is one of the seventeen folk and fairytale stories in the wonderfully designed “Once Upon a Winter” anthology. This is the first of four planned seasonal anthologies with the same writers.

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Ashen White

Published on Spillwords on October 8th, 2021

No pain, only discomfort,
Just a little pressure,
Nothing I can’t handle —
Ashen white lies
Fooling no one, myself included.
I’m okay, just tired.
So long as I can mask it with a smile,
I’ll be alright.
This is everything I ever wanted.
If that’s not enough,
I have only myself to blame.
Three little words
Shutting the world out,
Locking the pain inside —
I am fine.

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Keeping the Pain

Published in the first Scribblesworth e-mag poetry edition on August 14th, 2021

There are five of my poems in this publication, but only ‘Keeping the Pain’ was previously unpublished.

  • Keeping the Pain
  • The Whole of You
  • Where Daisies Bloom
  • Upon Reflection
  • Seeking Traction

You can find the free magazine here.


Published in issue 2 of the Instagram-based Poetic Reveries magazine on July 31st, 2021

This is a small online publication, but I do like its layout. It’s a shame though that they published it under my Instagram handle instead of my name. You can find the issue here.

Disconnected Recollections

Published in issue 1 of Jaden Magazine on April 1st, 2021

This is a small one, featured in the ‘Twelve words or less’ column of the magazine, short but bitter. The maiden issue of this publication is currently sold out.

Stretching To Eternity

Published in Human Obscura issue 2 (Spring/Summer 2021) on March 31st, 2021

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Another of my poems made it into issue two of the literary publication ‘Humana Obscura’, making it two issues in a row featuring my work.

The Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Humana Obscura features work by 96 new, emerging, and established contributors, including Weihui Lu, Cheriese Francoise Anderson, Janis La Couvee, Lisa Alexander Baron, J. A. Handville, Gary Young, Vian Borchert, Christopher Buckley, Sam Sharp, Benjamin Erlandson, and more. Humana Obscura is an independent literary magazine that seeks to publish nature-focused poetry, prose, and art by new, emerging, and established writers and artists. As our name suggests—“obscured human”—we focus on work where the human element is concealed but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the nature genre. Humana Obscura’s mission is to publish and promote the best work of today’s voices and talents. Our intention is to inspire readers and enrich their lives while providing an inclusive space for elevating the voices, expressions, and creative work of our contributors. Founded in 2020, Humana Obscura is published online and in print twice yearly and features work from around the world. The magazine accepts poetry, short prose under 1,000 words, and artwork in various mediums.

Own That

Published May 1st, 2021 in the Hero Clan Anthology VIII

This was a fun one. The Heron clan is a very international group of poets and writers who meet weekly via Zoom to do poetry readings. Every once in a while they do submission calls. My poem ‘Own That,’ a skeptical view of the way we take our responsibility for the world we inhabit, got accepted for their 8th incarnation of the anthology. I don’t know if this book is still available for purchase, but if it is, you should probably contact Doug Stuber to acquire a copy.

Rain Must Fall

Published November 24th, 2020 by Jazz House Publications in ‘Of Silver Bells and Chilling Tales’

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Ghostly visitations and personal demons are central to this short Krampusnacht story, published by Jazz House in their ‘Of Silver Bells and Chilling Tales’. Originally written for their Krampus anthology, it was moved last minute to this collection instead.

Lite horror, dramatic romance, and family love come together as twelve amazing stories in this winter holiday anthology. Join these authors as they explore the suspense and joys of the merry season.

As the third of Jazz House’s winter anthologies, Of Silver Bells and Chilling Tales Anthology showcases the twelve stories we couldn’t resist.

Days Gone By

Published November 24th, 2020 by Jazz House Publications in ‘Of Mistletoe and Snow’

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Sweeter than is typical for my work, this feel-good short story, published in Jazz House’s Winter anthology ‘Of Mistletoe and Snow’, actually made the editor cry. It was based around an existing unused lyric bearing the same title.

The holidays are reminders of family and friends, of the bonds we make, and the kindnesses we share. From newfound love to rekindled affections and the gift of new life, join fourteen authors in celebrating the wonders of the holiday season. As the second of Jazz House’s winter holiday anthologies, Of Mistletoe and Snow compiles the best cozy romance stories from over 60 submissions submitted by independent authors. Jazz House is dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices and giving a platform to independent authors.

First Lie / Inertia of Tension

Published in the Introspection Anthology on September 22nd, 2020

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Both these of my poems were published in the ‘Introspection’ anthology, edited by Alexander Wallis.

Feeling, moving, taking flight – INTROSPECTIVE soars through life’s atmosphere revealing all the love and heartbreak of being alive. Poets explore identity and relationships, beauty, nature, joy, and pain, observed from great emotional heights. The nuanced beauty of these intense feelings is celebrated in this sincere anthology.

Winter’s Breath

Published in Humana Obscura issue 1 (Fall/Winter 2020) on August 30th, 2020

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My first officially published poem can be found in the maiden issue of the beautiful literary publication ‘Humana Obscura’.

Humana Obscura is an independent, bi-annual literary magazine that seeks to publish new and emerging writers and artists. As our name suggests—“obscured human”—we focus on work where the human element is concealed but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the genre of nature-centric poetry while providing a platform for contributor voices. Humana Obscura publishes poetry, short prose, and artwork. The Fall/Winter 2020 issue features work by 57 contributors from around the world, including Margaret Dries, Alex Fyffe, Aaron Sandberg, David Baker, Kathleen Deep, Michael Dobkin, Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Sol Anzorena, Vian Borchert, Angela Shen, Whitney River, Jordo Stiff, Maggie Maze, and Joshua Hagler, among many others.

The Rhythm of Life

Self-published on August 20th, 2020

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“Poetry isn’t rhyming.
It’s finding
The rhythm Of life.”


Dear traveler,

Welcome to my head, but be forewarned. What lies ahead—the path my journey takes—does not follow conventions or expectations. Anticipate a bumpy ride.

In my mind, although it is an open book, do pay close attention! You may find that its true story lies between the lines.

Up close this work might seem to you but random thoughts, raw and frantic, unfiltered and frenetic. Mere sketches. Rough brush strokes painting two quite different sides: one dark, one light. You’d only be half wrong.

Within these pages chaos reigns. To watch the shaded self unfold behind the fears, thoughts, pain, and joy, you first might need to step back, take it all in, and see its whole.

Tread carefully.

R.A. Gerritse

Wilted Lotus

Published in the VSS365 Anthology Volume 1 on September 23rd, 2019

I do not really count this poem where it comes to publications, even though it was my first. The reason for it being that the production quality of this particular publication is horrible and that I do not like the way the people behind this thing operate in the shadows, hiding behind aliases. Just look below at the way they messed up my poem, putting the first two lines on one line.

It’s still available on Amazon, being a poorly edited print-on-demand piece of kaka, but I would not recommend wasting any money on it.

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