Metal On Loud – Dissector

This music we love
For these people, we care
Come rain or shine
If there’s metal we’re there
Banging our heads
All together as one
Raising our horns
As we all sing along

Our family grows stronger with each generation
To conquer the world you don’t need domination
Ignored by the masses we metal on loud
Strong we stand together
Metalheads forever

Metal unites us
Metal is family
This music is always
There when we need it
Venting our energy
Brings us our peace
Raise your horns high
Scream with me

Put your horns up
Raise your voices
Jump the fuck up
Metal On Loud
Are you ready
Let me hear you
Jump the hell up
Metal On Loud

Metal On Loud – Track nine of the album “Loss” by Dissector, first appeared October 17th, 2015 as a stand-alone EP.