Carry on

Unseen chains bind me
The darkness that lives in me
Eats away my life
One moment at a time
I’m shown these things I can’t be
It’s not for me
Not until I’m free of all my pain
Inside of me, my killer strikes again

I’m here and I’m still fighting
It seems all I’ve ever done
So far I’ve lived through every battle
But will I ever win this war
I don’t fight for who I am
But for who I can become
If this right here was all of me
I wouldn’t have the strength to carry on

They don’t talk with me
They talk to me
They all speak but never listen
And I feel so alone
In a crowded room
It is said, true friends are there
In your hour of need
Well, it’s here
Does anybody really care
I still hope that’s true

Once more all is silent
Another battle won
I have been here before
In this lifetime of war
The fear is never-ending
I can’t see
Am I in the eye of the storm
Will my killer take another shot

How long can I keep fighting
I’m tired and I’m worn
Can I stand another day
Of pushing forward through this storm
I’ve become the fight
And I burn up as I rage on
There is still some left in me
I still have the strength to carry on

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