Days gone by

Every holiday this feeling comes again
Every gathering, each celebration
My thoughts just drift away
However great things are
they’re not the same
As in most cherished memories
I spent with those not here today
And as I seek a smile
In my days gone by
It dawns to me
There are others by my side
Everyone has stories
No one is spared in life
Tell me about your lost ones
I’ll tell you about the ones that left my path

Let’s sing a song for the fallen ones
For the loved ones that we’ve lost
For the lost ones that were never found again
For our lovers left behind and absent friends
Let’s raise our glass to the missing ones
And make a toast to all the people
Those that got us here but can no longer see
Who we are, how our lives turned out to be

It’s your story, tell it proud
Sing it loud, sing it everywhere
To everyone that wants to hear
Open the vault that is your heart
And let out the ones that live in there
In memories the world may not forget

Every trip to a place I’ve been before
There are those that travel with me
And those I bring along
As we ride along these tracks well known to me
At each landmark I recall
All the things that we have seen
I will tell with a smile
About days gone by
To those that came along
The loved ones by my side
Together we share stories
As we share this life
These memories are precious
Way too beautiful to lock up inside

So sing your song for the fallen ones
For those lost along the way
For the ones that have moved on or went away
For all the ones we wished they could have stayed
Let’s raise our glass to the absent ones
They will never be forgotten
Let us drink and share their stories when we can
With our family and friends for whom we care

@yonar on Twitter – Previously published in Metal On Loud Magazine.