The color of life

You’re wrong about the color of life, you know? I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. Pardon me for interrupting, but I need to set you straight there. It’s not green. Seriously. Green is more like…the color of growth. Come to think of it, no. Not exactly. It’s actually more like the color of the result of growth. The part we perceive after the desired transformation has taken place. The color residue of that particular form of magic.

Why are you laughing? You don’t believe in magic, you say? That’s kind of short-sighted of you, for it’s all around us. Inside us, even. Red blood, blue veins…each with their own designated function. We are efficient little magical machines like that.

If any of those colors is the color of life? No, dear sir. It’s not. The answer to that particular age-old question shouldn’t surprise you; it has none. Not until you add it yourself, that is. Life is but the initially blank canvas on which we create, with all the colors we may perceive.

Can you see it now, mister Blue? Think on it for a while. This is my stop. Have a wonderful day.

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