Shot to shot

Like every passion, each desire
It starts with curiosity
A want so strong, it’s blinding
An unimagined need
When that spark ignites a fire
There’s an addiction in its heat
The mind retreats
When obsession takes the lead

A primal craving takes control
All I see is what I’m after
Satisfaction non-existent
First, it’s goals must be achieved
Dark enslavement of the will
Impervious, nothing else matters
Just the core remains of me
I am hungry, so I feed

There’s a monkey on my back
It bites me until I scream
When I give it what it wants
I lose a piece of me
Every helping helps me less
Still, I need to fill the hollow
Where my soul once used to be
Dependent, I am weak

I am hungry, so I feed
I am hungry, so I feed
I can feel it eating me
But I’m hungry, so I bleed

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