As The Earth Rotates – GOOT Feat. David Reece

Living on a prayer
Won’t get you very far
You can’t create chances
By wishing on a star
If our lives are darkness
The lights are our dreams
Keep your eyes upon your path
In the moonlight
Nothing’s what it seems

Bound by gravity we dance
Blind we spend our days
Light runs out
As the earth rotates
Chasing destiny we fail
Forgetting our fate
Time runs out
As the earth rotates

All we take for granted
All that we neglect
Catering our wants
We don’t see the things we have
Living in a fantasy
You dream away your life
Open up your eyes
And look around
While you still have time

As The Earth Rotates – Stand-alone single by GOOT Feat. David Reece. The above lyrics by me, were altered by Mr. Reece in the track.