Get Over It – Loudborn

The irregular opinions.
The unpopular decisions.
The necessary evil
And its consequent upheaval —
I do not care
Why you hate me,
Or even that you do.
Get over it.

The rules that define us
As a peaceful society,
Conventions that limit
Who we might have been —
Either fight for change
Or stop your whining
And get over it.

Do not hinder my jam
It is all that I’m here for.
If your toes are too long
Get the hell off my dance floor.
With uncompromising honesty,
I’m brutally direct
If you can’t handle that,
Get out, or get over it.

I have no patience for the tender souled
No mercy for the chronically aggrieved
Get over it
Life’s too short to tiptoe around
Feelings of the easily insulted
Get over yourselves