Deliver Us – Dissector

Deliver us is a classic case of lego-lyrics. These were originally two separate song texts — One about the biblical apocalypse and the four horsemen, and one about the modern trend of being offended about everything, just to catch a spotlight. Putting them together, it seems we are in for an interesting end of the world…

About the making of the lyrics for Deliver Us

From the seven broken seals
They war around us,
Driving us with sword and crown —
Beyond this hunger, past desire,
Naught but oil
To fuel the war within.

Deliver us
Return to sender,
Washed of blood,
Soul cleansed of sin.
Off to where our mourning ends,
And blessed night falls again.

Public eyes out of sync,
Shifted centers of attention –
Keeping mute for louder values,
Anything not to offend.

Spoiled, entitled, malcontent,
Aware how outrage
Brings the spotlight –
Watering down society
With pseudo sentiment,
One tantrum at a time.