Play On – Dissector

Play On — working title Metronome — is a song about the relentless march of time. The original draft had a whole bunch of extra words, but as in life, they had to make way for repetition. Cursed routine! And just like that, steady like a metronome, eternity slips back into its measure.

About the making of Play On

At the edge between
Where hopes and dreams end,
The inevitable point
When cursed routine
Steady like a metronome,
Slips back into its measure —
Treasured stolen moments,
It’s not much, but all we have.

Play on.
Still, the melody plays on.
Sticking to the rhythm
Play on.
Still, the melody plays on,
Running from
The silence at the end.

Hiding, out of time
Where days end, future lives,
Steady like a metronome
Slips back into its measure.
Strange horizons at road’s end,
Wonders leaving us breathless.