The Ring – Dissector

The Ring is a reflection on our televised reality, where all is smoke and mirrors and the puppets never seem to be aware of their strings. It makes you wonder if the purpose is just to distract, to sedate, or something even more sinister. It’s a dumpster fire, yet we cannot seem to stop watching, now can we? Eyes on the ring!

About the making of The Ring

When did we come to the circus,
How long has it been?
How often did we watch
This tired old damn show?
The clowns still dance and joke,
The acrobats, still death-defying,
Yet, no one still watches
Yet, the lie breaks down.

Eyes on the ring,
See the purpose of the show.
Eyes on the ring,
Watch the fight, blow by blow.
Make your choices, think you’re right
cast your votes, but know —
Everything has been decided.

The audience is restless,
And still, no one moves to leave.
Eyes glued to their golden screens —
Their virtual, personalized routines.
Thought and matter spinning circles,
The beginning is the end —
All existence but a cradle,
All purpose, mere pretense.