Angry People – Dissector

Angry People is another example of Lego lyrics, but one that I feel worked out great. This song is comprised of no less than three different poems, fitting together perfectly. It takes us from the ‘joys’of aging, to the selfishness in the world, to a poetic piece of nature prose that could easily be read as a culmination of the earlier two subjects. And this song is rocking!!

About the making of Angry People

Memory is not your friend
When details slip into the gray,
Painting scenes too close to truth
Of fear, too great to comprehend —
Shaped and stained by minds misled
By prejudice and wicked thoughts,
A thousand voices crying foul,
None our own.

Too little compassion
Too many angry people
Projecting frustration
Onto everything that moves
A lack of understanding
The world of fault
Reasons without
Causes within

Soaring wings ride the wind
In joyful games of hide and seek
Chasing sun through decks of cloud
Where shadow dance in banks of fog
Where light plays tag in autumn rain
And ever-shifting tides of air
Illuminate each birth of day
In endless shades of red