Where Darkness Dies – Dissector

This is a song about those who the world is better off without. Here in Holland there’s a saying: ‘nothing but good words about the dead.’ Well, in some cases, I say rot in hell you’ve created. The space is empty!

About the making of Where Darkness Dies

Time descends
From this side to the next —
All progress undone
As the last grain falls.
For the corrupted,
Will there be light
Where darkness dies,
Or nothing at all?

Up where chances roamed,
The space is empty,
Where the skies turned blue.
Up where the living toil,
The space is empty
Of all that was you.

Impact absorbed
By a legacy of sin —
A picture completed,
Laid bare for all to see.
Thee unforgiven,
There won’t be light
Where darkness falls.
Not for you.