Igniter – Dissector

Igniter, the album’s title track, is a song about freedom of choice. This is your time, not anyone else’s. Burn some rubber and make it count, before you run out of road!

About the making of Igniter

Keep your lane,
Keep your pace.
Blinded vehicles in line,
Navigating life by views
Projected onto tempered glass —
Trust who know,
Trust who choose,
Trust who see the path ahead
To keep us safe.

Burn the dust away,
Spark the passion flame,
Control alt delete,
Gears in drive, restart life.

Kickstart your wasted engines,
Stationary far too long.
Grease up those moving parts,
Before the rust can ground us.

Ram that paddle down,
Full-speed or not at all,
Blazing rubber trails,
Gears in drive, restart life.