All That’s Mine

Search my eyes,
What do you see?
Love you say?
How sweet.
Well, maybe?
Try again, though, and dig deeper.
It’s okay, you cannot hurt me.
What’s that now?
Sadness, kindness, melancholy?
Better, getting closer.
Still, you’re not quite there.
Go deeper. There are still a few more
Layers left to peel away,
Past my walls, below my shame.
Don’t be shy, dig away!
You’ve gone quiet…
Ah? That’s it, that’s right,
You found them,
My three inner voices —
The gifts that keep on taking,
Even locked away this deeply.
Hunger, fear, and pain.
Sorry if I scared you, sweetheart,
I didn’t mean to.
They will not consume you —
I won’t let them.
Never you.
Only all that’s mine.

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