First To Burn – Dissector

the boy points his head down
for he knows exactly what he has done
he feels their eyes burning
as he waits for the punishment to come
he shows them remorse
that’s what they expect, but he feels no regrets
whatever the consequence
today he gained more than he ever had

the student hears nothing
as the master explains it again
this wasn’t the first time
this tendency to go against the grain
he says he’ll comply
which he will, just enough to carry on
whatever the consequence
he knows what he wants, it will be done

the man looks defeated
as he watches his world go up in flames
he has everything he ever wanted
but learned it wasn’t what he needs
the ones that never listen
are the ones that will never learn
the ones that only live for themselves
they are amongst the first to burn

First To Burn – Track seven of the album “Planetary Cancer” by Dissector