Pieces of Heart

Something’s alive
Something presumed long forgotten
A blast from the past
Showed me the feeling’s still there
Stuck in rewind
Memory brought back emotion
Strong as it ever was
So long ago, yet so near
Reality calls
Its hammer wakes me from my daydream
Ain’t that all it is
Something that shouldn’t be had
I love my life
Don’t hate my ruins
Then why do I cringe
When I think of the not taken path

Can I put back these pieces of me
Do I want to restore
That which I used to be
This old life I’ve taken apart
It’s not me anymore
Now they’re just pieces of heart

Is it something that’s missing
Did I recognize something I no longer have
Can my thoughts be forgiven
Why am I even searching
I should be content
Should I reboot that version of me
Can I really ignore
What my gut’s telling me
It feels like I’m falling apart
I got lost wading through
Too many pieces of heart

Pieces of Heart – Track four of the album “Loss” by Dissector