Spark – Dissector

I’m so tired
I don’t know how much I have left
I gave everything
And it just wasn’t enough
I didn’t wander
Yet it seems I still got lost
Once my light dies out
I won’t find my way home

With so much shadow in my mind
How did I ever see my path
Was that a part of me that I misplaced
Now that I feel it slip away

Air is running low for me
Leaving not much time to be
The person that I thought I was
This life for which I paid the cost
As the flame dies
My last fire
All that’s left of my desires
My hopes, the dreams I never had
I purge it all
And lay that life to rest

Did the lights go out
Or did I simply close my eyes
And forget
That I have given up
Shouldn’t this darkness
Be more frightening to me
I should be fighting this
Why ain’t I