We Are The Voice – Dissector

we are the thing that you’re gonna be
we are the truths you don’t want to see
we are the lie that you tell yourself
we are the feeling that created this hell
we are the thought that can’t be controlled
we are the pit into which you fall
we are the fate that you won’t escape
we are inside, and we kill your soul

when you cheat, we are there smiling
when you steal we cheer you on
when you do the things you shouldn’t
we will see, we’re always there

let go of shame
you need no forgiveness
let go of fear
there’s no going back
let go of hope
no one’s gonna stop you
let go of life
nothing will stop your fall

when you betray, we are inspiration
when you corrupt, you learned from us
when you destroy we are your hate
lose control and you are us

we’re inside you and we don’t hide
we’re part of you and we hate your life
of all the voices you listen to
we are the voice that you fear the most

We Are The Voice – Track one of the album “Loss” by Dissector