Symbiosis – Dissector (Ft. Anabelle)

The closing track (or at least, the last completely new track on the Igniter album with my lyrics) was a fun one. For this song we worked with not one but two amazing artists who were just about to depart from Cradle of Filth — Anabelle Iratni and Richard Shaw. That made the songwriting process quite a bit different. For this song, I asked Anabelle her impressions, and she pictured two vines with beautiful flowers, growing intertwined. I do not recall her exact phrasing, but based on her highly visual thoughts, a lyric started taking shape in my mind — that of the most toxic of relationships (what can I say, I’m a positive guy haha). It worked beautifully for the duet — or almost a threesome, given Anabelle’s unbelievable vocal range. The end result has to be my absolute favorite track of the album, it worked out amazingly. And what a pleasure it was to work with these greats.

About the making of Symbiosis

How beautiful you are.
I feel your thousand fingers
Caressing, probing,
My every weakness.

Sheltered beneath your vines,
Beauty locked in heart’s embrace —
My tears, your blood,
Your thorns, my skin.
A bond that grows (you complete me),
A love that kills (never leave me).

One vessel, two souls

You live inside me,
Predatory symbiosis.
I die inside you,
Predatory symbiosis.

Lover (give me your warmth)
Lover (feed me your lifeblood)

Blossoms where the flesh once tore,
Numbness where the blood ran dry.
My last defiance —
When this vessel falls, (this body fails)
You too shall die.

Dig into me,
Feel your hunger grow.
Dig into me,
Never let me go.