The World Answers – Loudborn

Don’t know how I got here
It must have been something I’ve done
No time for regrets
For the clock keeps ticking
And I must move on
Did I lose all others
Or did I arrive on my own
I’m dazed and confused
And my head keeps pounding
As I carry on

I keep on running
There is this monster I fear
I’ve never seen it
Don’t ask me how
I just know it is here
This nothingness deafens
It disorients, numbs and blinds
Each cover dissolves
Leaving no place to hide

I cry and the world
Answers with rainfall
As if it can look
Straight into my head
I don’t know if it’s always been this way
Growing uncertainty drives me insane

I scream and the world
Echoes in silence
Around every turn
I find nothing but fear
I can’t recall the places I left behind
But anywhere must be better than here

If only I could find my way home
If only I remembered a place like that
Stuck in an ending without a start
Nothing but black
In the skies
In my head
In my heart
In my heart

As morning comes
I awake, soaking in sweat
Was it all just a bad dream
A nightmare I had
I look around me
Relieved, as far as I can tell
I’m back where I belong
Safely in my cell

The World Answers – Stand-alone single by Loudborn