Vacant Minds – Dissector

In this modern world there seems to be a distinct disconnect for many with the reality of our temporal existence — they walk the earth without seeming to realize we are not alone, blindly heading to the finish line to claim the ultimate prize. I find that truly pityable.

About the making of Vacant Minds

Empty gazes, vacant eyes
Lacking understanding,
How a person walks their world
Without committing to its lies.

Whichever prize,
Heaven or hell,
This damned eternal Godless scam —
Die the living,
Live the dead —
We lost ourselves.

Seen unwatched
Felt untouched
Lived unconscious
Flee the fear,
Live the pain.
Live the dead —
We lost ourselves.

Empty hearts, vacant minds,
Cleared to match the status quo —
Ever-changing life reshaped,
Made to resemble something stable.